the past and future collide.

A crystal vase, a commemorative mug, and photos of her family: these are among the possessions left behind by Georgia Powers at the time of her death. With no one--nary a close friend nor a distant relative-- to collect her things, Georgia’s apartment is left up to interpretation by a stranger. Like a fingerprint, the residue we leave behind will put our story in someone else’s hands, a twisting mystery to be unfurled and repurposed.

Residue was performed at the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival and the University of Utah with the support of the University of Utah College of Fine Arts’ Fine Arts Fees Grant.

Collaborators || Beret Brems, Monica Goff, Louis Hillegass IV, Kelsey Jensen, Emily Nash, Cece Otto, Julie Rada, Ashley Marian Ramos, Katryna Williams, Benjamin Young, and Dominic Zappala.
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