Who is WHO'S LOUIS??

WHO'S LOUIS? is a devised theatre performing arts group from Salt Lake City, UT. Our mission is to represent humanity and its many facets by revitalizing new art through the lens of young artists. We seek to create dynamic, engaging, and inclusive theatre through alternative writing techniques.

Our History:

In October of 2015, WHO'S LOUIS? founder Cece Otto brought together Isabella Reeder, Ashley Ramos, Monica Goff, and Dominic Zappala-- fellow members of the Actor Training Program at the University of Utah-- as a team to enter a 24 hour playwriting competition held at Sackerson Theatre company in cooperation with the Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival. The Festival utilizes spaces of performing companies in the area on their dark days, or the days in which the company takes off of performing. On Saturday night, the group met up at an abandoned warhouse on the west side of Salt Lake where they recieved a prompt -- the word "isolation" -- and set of props, 3 of which had to be used in their piece. The then unnamed company arrived at the rehearsal space and began work devising a new theatre piece for the next 24 hours. On Sunday night, WHO'S LOUIS? performed Numb and Awake, a piece about the real struggles and weight behind having a mental illness; they addressed ideas about what it means to feel alone, as well as what it means to want to be alone amongst the chaos of the every day world. What came to fruition was a very personal and deepsetted piece that reflected aspects of the actors own human condition.

WHO'S LOUIS? aims to continue exploring, learning, and devising in their upcoming piece for the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival in Denver, Colorado (February 2016) and the Great Salt Lake Fringe and Zootown Fringe Festivals during summer of 2016.